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Oscar Fuentes is a performance artist from Miami, and the front man for The Oscar Fuentes Combo, a musical project where he blends his original beat-poetry with a  jazz fusion band. 


As a community-based artist, Fuentes has been sharing his talents and love for the arts for over 20 years. His style is autobiographical, energetic, and holds rhythmic elements. Always eager to collaborate with local dancers, jazz musicians and filmmakers, Fuentes‘ art form is always taken to a heightened level of performance and awe-inspiring creativity.


Currently, Fuentes is screening an original short film based on his poetry and pentameter flare entitled, Biscayne Blues. The film tells the story of a Miami poet that falls in love with the shadow of death - a raven-haired beauty that lives beneath the waters of Biscayne Bay. 


Oscar is also the Library Exhibitions and Programming Specialist in the Art Services unit for the Miami-Dade Public  Library System. Oscar oversees art related programming such as art tours, art lectures, art receptions, art workshops. Oscar also maintains the Library's Permanent Art Collection, the collection tells Miami's visual history, displayed through the library system, six temporary art galleries at different branches where he rotates eye catching art exhibits every four months. 



Catch Oscar Fuentes aka The Biscayne Poet at the local Miami art scene with his poetry station: The Poet's Corner, where he writes improvisational poetry by request with an antique typewriter for those in need for poetry.


He is the author of three books of poetry and prose: Beautiful Women Will Never Know (2013), 4 Nights With Betsy (2014), VAGABOND (2015).

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